When is the best time to do Relationship Coaching?

The best time to do any type of relationship coaching is right at the beginning of your relationship, or ideally, even before. There is no sense in waiting until things are at their worst before trying to make them better.

Is Coaching Confidential?

Yes, all coaching and coaching inquiries are strictly confidential.

Why would I choose relationship coaching over relationship counselling or marriage counselling?

Relationship coaching is a fast, effective means to move your relationship out of a rut, resolve problems and create the happiness, harmony and satisfaction you are looking for.  Coaching acknowledges past experiences but allows you to work in the present moment to achieve a fantastic future for your relationship.

What if I am single but want help with getting back into the world of dating and relationships?

I provide relationship coaching that helps you to improve your relationship with yourself and others so yes you can attend to simply work on your relationship with yourself.

Would I be able to meet you before I decide if I want to book coaching with you?

Of course! We can have a free consultation face-to-face or over the phone (or Skype), whichever you prefer. There is never any obligation for you to book coaching sessions with me.

Can I attend coaching on my own or does my partner have to attend with me?

You can attend relationship coaching on your own or with the other party concerned, e .g. your partner or your child. Some clients will start coaching sessions on their own and bring the other person along mid-way through the program. You can do that too.

Do you charge more for couples coaching than for coaching just one person?

Yes. The hourly rate is greater than coaching alone, but is only nominally higher with the other person, e.g. your partner or your child.

Will I be forced to patch things up?

You will never be forced to do anything. Coaching will allow you to make the decisions you want to make, set the aims and objectives that you desire and then show you how to achieve those goals for yourself. The direction the coaching sessions take will be in your control.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

As many or as few as you desire and require. Coaching based solutions tend to be shorter than counselling programs. Coaching is solution-focused and goal-focused and this contributes to a shorter coaching program than you may have expected. The coaching sessions required will be dictated by you, your desires and your situation.