What Happened?

“I thought that this was THE one?  I know I still love my partner, but I don’t feel like it’s working anymore.  I don’t feel like there is any engagement… any spark… any love.”

Something’s not right.  You just know it, but you can’t seem to put your finger on what it is. When the relationship started it was fantastic! There was passion! There was love! There was a feeling that you were merged… two beings living one life.  It was sublime, and it could never change!

Then, suddenly, things that never used to bother you suddenly do.  The cap off the toothpaste tube.  The little messes here and there. The dishes that don’t get done fast enough. The garbage that doesn’t get taken out.  Then there’s the computer.  The cell phone.  Don’t even get started on sex.  It’s so easy to be annoyed that you are even beginning to question your love for each other…

Is it still there? Have we completely lost it?  Can we continue this way??

What happened?  Why do we snap at each other all of the time?  Why do we fight? Why is it so hard to live with this person when I love them so deeply?

In our new day and age, there are so many distractions that it’s easy to just let things lie and continue on with the status quo.  Pay the bills, take care of the kids, focus on work, go on Twitter or Facebook… to perhaps capture a temporary glimpse of the relationships that we are truly longing for in our lives.  Maybe find a small “out” that we can use to escape the feelings of longing… of unfulfillment.

She wakes up every morning feeling empty… devoid of life… Aching for something to fill her up… He wakes up with an aim to escape it all… to run away and just focus on anything else in quiet and blissful peace.  They both wake up every morning asking themselves, “Why?”

The answer to that question is simple and the answers are right before our very eyes, but no one has taught us how to see it.

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