As human beings, we’re built for relationship, and as individuals, our lives are built through relationships. Our lives depend on it, and our sense of security in the world around us flows out of our feeling of belonging – of being an integral and important part of a collective whole. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the relationships that are the closest to us – those that we choose to call our mates – Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Wife, Husband, lover.

None of us are born knowing how relationships work. There are no instruction books, and our parents are the closest thing we have to some kind of a role model through which we can learn. We also watch how others move through their relationships. Our extended family, our friends. Then we watch how relationships are portrayed in our modern media through movies, tv shows and streaming services. Add to the mix cultural expectations, and we’re left holding a bag of mixed up and often contradictory information and input that leaves us scratching our heads more often than providing us with usable and accurate information.

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