Caveats: Abuse, Addictions, etc.

It’s important to note that when it comes to relationships any dysfunction or activities that are out of the norm such as abuse or alcoholism (or any other such a addictions issues) are highly concerning. If those kind of activities or occurrences are happening in your relationship there is no amount of coaching or teaching or training or knowledge that can help you through that if there is a period.

If there is abuse in your relationship please contact the appropriate authorities are look for support in your family members or close friends.

If there are addictions issues in your relationships then please contact the appropriate professionals to help resolve those underlying traumas that create the symptom of addiction.

As with any training system it’s important to note that when there are activities that are beyond the norm those activities will not be covered in the training material. It’s important to note that if there are addictions or abuse going on within the relationship that no amount of learning or knowledge or training will help in those situations. This training course does not prepare. This training course does not cover situations that involve abuse or addictions. If those situations are happening in your life or in your relationships, please contact the appropriate resource is in your area.

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