Relationships 101 Overview

In this course you will learn how relationships truly work.

You will learn what I call the physics of relationships.

Like physics, the energies and rules underneath how relationships work is measurable and predictable, and whether you know it or not, you are already unconsciously or subconsciously responding to how these energies work. This lack of understanding causes us to struggle in our relationships as we don’t truly understand what is moving under the surface of what might seem like common every day interactions or repetitive patterns between us and our partners. For example, when dating, we may continue to choose what seems to be the same person over and over again, or we might get into relationships only to be continually abandoned. When we are in relationships we may experience arguments or situations that don’t seem to make any sense, or we may get into a space where we feel like we are no longer in love, and are simply the worlds best roommates. Given these common scenarios, it makes it hard for us to really understand – and if all we experience feels like failure, then how can we know how to improve?

Once you understand the basic concepts that you will learn in this course, you can begin to truly understand and work with them in an intuitive and conscious way to improve all of your relationships.

It is my hope that once you complete this course you will have a really great foundational understanding of how relationships work. You will be able to move forward in your life truly participating in relationships in a new and more conscious way. Out of that will flow greater happiness, greater joy, greater passion, love and sex in your life.

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